The Kelpies - Nicoll Russell Studios / Andy Scott Public Art

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Design Competitions

The RIAS has a long and proud record of managing design competitions for a wide range of projects from complex ‘iconic’ buildings to more basic and functional structures. The competitions service managed by RIAS Consultancy is run in the interest of fairness.

Design competitions are a particularly suitable method of procuring important public buildings and of exploring different design approaches to buildings that will be a focus in the community.

We chose RIAS consultancy to manage the architectural competition and the tender selection process for Aberdeen Music Hall because we know we get expert guidance, an independent perspective, and a client focus every step of the way. They have credibility in the sector and provide the quality assurance our funders and auditors are looking for.
Jane Spiers, Chief Executive, Aberdeen Performing Arts

Pier Arts Centre, Stromness – Reiach and Hall Architects

© Reiach and Hall Architects

RIAS Design competitions have resulted in buildings which have become significant landmarks over the decades, and indeed centuries. The RIAS design competition methodology is used extensively throughout the other countries of the EU, a recognition that design quality is essential to creating a built environment that enhances everyone's quality of life. Our design competitions attract the attention of award-winning architects as well as emerging new practices from around the world.

Our well-managed competitions are carefully planned before any information is released to competitors. It is essential that the brief is as comprehensive as possible.

If you are considering a design competition and would like any help or advice, please email RIAS Consultancy or phone 0131 229 7545.