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Statement of Professional Conduct

The obligations of Membership and the conduct of Fellows, Members, Affiliates, Associates and Students of the RIAS are governed by the Charter of Incorporation, the Bye-laws and the Declaration signed by each Member upon election.

The 2003 Charter

The 2003 Charter Clauses 5(a)(f) and (i) promote the unity of architects in the general advancement of architecture and the maintaining of the status and interests of the profession and provide for the exercise of professional supervision over the Members. Clause 28(b) requires that the Bye-Laws of the Royal Incorporation shall define, regulate and prescribe the cases and manner in which a Member may be excluded or suspended from Membership, or reprimanded.


Bye-Law 20 makes contravention of the Declaration signed by each Member, conduct derogatory to a Member's professional character, or engaging in any occupation inconsistent with the profession of an architect, liable to reprimand, suspension or expulsion.

A shorter Declaration signed by Students binds them to the Charter and Bye-Laws of the Incorporation and the Bye-laws of their Chapter.

Effective Dates

The Statement of Professional Conduct, aligning the RIAS code with the Architects Registration Board Architects Code: Standards of Conduct and Practice was adopted by Council on 30 June 2004.


A Member shall be bound by the Declaration signed upon election and in particular by the responsibility for upholding the reputation of the Royal Incorporation as a professional body and of fellow Members as individuals. Actions inconsistent with the Declaration shall be held to constitute unprofessional conduct and as such will be dealt with by Council in accordance with Bye-Law 20.

The Declaration

I declare that I have read the Charter and Bye-Laws of the said Incorporation and the Bye-Laws of my Chapter, and will be governed and bound thereby, and will submit myself to every part thereof and to any alterations thereof which may hereafter be made until I have ceased to be a member; and that by every lawful means in my power I will advance the interests and objects of the said Incorporation.

In accordance with Clause 5(i) of the Charter, the Council has required and requires that a Member shall observe the provisions promulgated by the Architect's Registration Board Architects Code: Standards of Conduct and Practice, as from time to time revised.