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News - Markdown Examples

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This brief article shows Markdown formatting. This is edited. This has been edited.

Column 1Column 2Column 3


This content shows some standard Markdown features. You can use the toolbar to style content.


Use two or three hash # symbols at the start of the line to set a heading.

Text Formatting

Use asterisks to mark bold and italic text. Single asterisks * for italics, double asterisks ** for bold. These can be combined.

This is bold text. This is italic text. These can be combined.

Text can also be strikethroughed using two tilde symbols ~~. This is strikethrough text.

Underlines can be created by underlined.


Use numbers or dashes to create lists.

  1. First item
  2. Second item
  3. Third item
  • First item
  • Second item
  • Third item


You can drag / drop images into the editor window. This image was dragged from my desktop.

Horizontal Rule

Use three dashes --- on a line on their own for a horizontal rule.


Links should be automatically detected – just type in the address, including the http or https.. https://preview.rias.org.uk. detected. To set a title instead of the link in the text, put the title inside square brackets [] and the URL inside round brackets (). For example, [RIAS new website](https://preview.rias.org.uk) produces RIAS new website.


Use vertical bar (pipe) characters, | to create tables. Using dashes instead of text will turn the text in the line above into headings for the table. Colons at the right end of the dashes will align the column to the right, colons at both ends of the dashes align to the centre.

ChapterNumber of Members


Use square brackets, a circumflex and a number to create a footnote, e.g. [^1].1


The framework includes some extra formatting instructions to extend Markdown.


Set text colours by wrapping the text in /col followed by the colour name, followed by the text, followed by a closing slash /. The RIAS colour palette colours are available. For example, this text is in rose red.

  1. This is the footnote referenced above.