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Council and Committees

As stipulated in the Incorporation's Charter and Byelaws, the governance of the RIAS is federal with the six Chapters (Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Stirling) electing office bearers and representatives to the ruling Council to sit alongside nationally-elected members, senior committee convenors and co-optees.

The Council is advised on strategy matters by committees whose remits reflect the breadth of RIAS' activity.


A robust committee structure underpins the Incorporation's governance. Each committee has agreed remits and overarching Terms of Reference are in place to ensure that committees are of sufficient size to be representative but contained in number to ensure effectiveness, that meetings are tightly timetabled to respect the valuable voluntary contribution of members’ time, that meetings are quorate and that committee membership is ‘refreshed’ on agreed cycles.

The committees, whose membership includes representatives of each Chapter, offer guidance on all aspects of the Incorporation's undertakings. Committee meetings are planned on a quarterly cycle, reflecting that of Council.

Council Schedule 2019: 6th February; 3rd April; 5th June; 4th September; 30th October; 4th December

RIAS Council Members

PresidentRobin Webster OBE (from Oct 18)
Past PresidentStewart Henderson (from Oct 18)
Chapter / Vice Presidents
AberdeenRichard Slater (from March 19)
Dave Chouman (to March 19)
DundeeJon Frullani(from March 19)
Diarmid McLachlan(to March 19)
EdinburghJulie Wilson
GlasgowIsabel Garriga (from April 18)
Tim Gray (to April 18)
InvernessStuart Bagshaw (from April 18)
Neil Ferguson (to April 18)
StirlingLiliane McGeoch
Chapter Representatives
AberdeenSholto Humphries
Richard Slater (to March 19)
DundeeSandy McAllister (to March 19)
Ian Muir (from March 19)
Jon Frullani (to March 19)
Diarmid McLachlan (from March 19)
EdinburghRoderick Binns (to September 2018)
Ben Rainger
Charles Strang
Charles Girder (from August 2018)
GlasgowWilliam Gunn
Euan Geddes
Michael Jarvis
Jude Barber
InvernessNeil Ferguson (from June 2018)
StirlingAlly Croll (to February 2019)
Nationally-Elected Incorporation Representatives
2018-2021Gordon Duffy (from October 2018)
Malcolm Fraser (from October 2018)
Helen Lucas (from October 2018)
Ben Scrimgeour (from October 2018)
2017-2020Dr Gordon Anderson
Donald Canavan (until September 2018)
Christine Palmer
Karen Anderson (from October 2018)
Vicky Jarvis (to January 2019)
Alex Macgregor
Shane Rodgers
Gordon G Smith
RIBA Representatives
RIBA PresidentBen Derbyshire
RIBA Rep: NorthFraser Middleton
RIBA Rep: SouthKerr Robertson
RIBA Nationally ElectedRichard Murphy
Student RepresentativesEuan Hardie (until August 2018)
Co-optionsDr Richard Atkins
Jocelyn Cunliffe
Martin McKay
In Attendance
ASSA ChairmanTBC
Legal AdviserPeter Anderson (to March 2018)
Acting SecretaryKaren Stevenson